Stay Calm And Carry On!

luke harveyWeek 6 was a telling one as we saw a mental breakdown from a number of players in both leagues. Arguing with referees, giving up, frustration, anger and a host of other emotions were on show but it was the players and teams that remained cool that reaped the benefits.

When a player loses control of their emotions, they become more erratic and will tend to make more mistakes. They lose their focus and have a negative frame of mind; nothing will go right for them. If you are preparing to fail, then you will.

Any reason for concern should be treated as another ‘defender’ and should be played accordingly, otherwise the other team win.

The main intention of the Tribal League is to provide competitive competition and develop players. In this regard it has been a complete success. While everyone should be striving to win their games, they should not forget that the results are not the end of the world.

Two players who have improved incredibly over the course of the league have been Luke Knighton and Harvey Archer of the Wizards. It took them a long time to register a win and have lost 15 games, but they have stood strong and developed to the point they are now competing and winning games. From a coaching perspective, these attributes are invaluable and their development as players is more important than any wins in the grander scheme.

In summary, if you lose control, you and your team are weaker for it.

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