Moran The Man For Barbarians

alex moran dribbleWith the Barbarians enjoying another unbeaten week and seemingly impossible to catch with 50pts; 23pts ahead of The Goblins, the race for second place is heating up with Goblins winning two of their three fixtures to nest there ahead of week 8.

It is very tight between The Goblins, Archers and Giants with just 2pts separating the three sides and all to play for. Young Sean Gibson enjoyed his most productive week so far as he hit 6pts while at the other end, this week’s top scorer was Andrew Halfacre who hit 31pts.

The Barbarians though were yet again the team to watch as Kody Durance hit 29pts and 5 assists with support from DSC_0792Lucy Hodgson on 18pts and 3 assists.

Charlie McKenna became the fourth junior player to enter the 100pt club as he hit 13pts to total 101pts for the season. Durance is the current leader with 193pts, while Halfacre leapfrogged Hodgson (144) into second place with 151pts.

The Player of the Week was Barbarian Alex Moran who was in superb form with excellent defence and astute offence. Moran hit 14pts and delivered a career high 7 assists to ensure the Barbarians remained unbeaten and on course for a championship title.

Alex is often a quiet player, happy to support the team as and when required, but he showed his value in week 7 and this should spur him on in future games.

As this league approaches the closing stages, the new league will begin following some potential trades of players between teams.

Junior League Results

Week 7

Archers 4-12 Goblins

Barbarians 12-4 Giants

Archers 10-22 Barbarians

Giants 9-12 Goblins

Barbarians 27-11 Goblins

Giants 2-7 Archers

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