Brilliant Brad Delivers 32pts, 6 Assists

Brad coxonBrad Coxon earned the Player of the Week award in what has been a remarkable transformation over recent weeks. From a disgruntled performance three weeks ago, to recognition last week and a dazzling performance this week with 32pts (inc six 3s) and 6 assists.

There were other players who shone with Ben Fox continuing his scoring run, Max Galloway impressing after a two week absence and Dom Taylor producing some nice shots and passes. In fact the Archers (Coxon, Taylor and Galloway) looked excellent with fantastic ball movement and play-making. Their defence was also good, in particular Galloway on Fox when they played The Barbarians.

Chris PalmerThe Barbarians were the only unbeaten team with three wins and this has edged them a nose out in front on 54pts although they have played one more game than the rest. Chris Palmer was a constant threat for the Barbarians and hit 12pts and 2 assists. Palmer has developed very well in the Tribal League and is attacking the basket with some good, strong moves. He currently sits second in the leading assists with 34, 8 behind Tom Ransom of the Knights.

The Giants were probably the most impressive team this week as Matthew Thompson and Cameron Brownhill led their team to three wins and one loss to move into fourth place. Thompson collected a very impressive 10 assists in addition to his 43pts.

The Goblins only played two games this week with a one win and one loss record to slip to third place with the Knights moving ahead by 1pt.

As this league draws to a close, the new league will begin and may include some trades of players between teams.

Senior League Results

Week 7

Giants 22-8 Wizards
Knights 32-17 Archers

Archers 20-20 Wizards
Barbarians 28-11 Knights
Giants 19-16 Goblins

Wizards 0-38 Goblins
Knights 23-16 Giants
Archers 14-38 Barbarians
Barbarians 47-7 Wizards
Giants 24-14 Archers

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